Case Study

Securely Connecting Remote Operations
for Ok Tedi Mining

Preserving business continuity with a tailored SD-WAN solution

The challenge

Ok Tedi Mining Limited operates one of the most remote mines in Oceania — located deep in the mountains of Papua New Guinea.

With almost 5,000 staff working to provide minerals for essential services around the world, Ok Tedi is a critical component of the global supply chain.

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, Ok Tedi needed to double the number of staff working remotely within weeks — whilst ensuring mission-critical data was reliably transmitted from the remote site to a distributed international workforce.

Furthermore, the mine was constrained to a low throughput 03b satellite uplink, posing a barrier to reliable network performance.

Ok Tedi chose Yell IT to put in place a solution that would ensure connectivity, connect their workforce securely, and maintain business continuity. This was no small challenge.

The solution

Yell IT selected Oracle SD-WAN as the most effective technology solution for the connectivity challenge.

A key feature in the decision was the ability to translate TCP WAN traffic to connectionless UDP sessions before uplink — allowing drastically expanded network throughput, despite the limited satellite uplink capability.

We worked closely with both Ok Tedi and Oracle throughout the process, and:

  • Maintained uninterrupted operations
    specialists from across our teams worked quickly to create a secure, resilient design, deploying risk mitigation mechanisms at every stage to ensure continuity 
  • Implemented a flexible SD-WAN
    to connect the geographically distributed organisation over an intelligent wide area network
  • Moved existing Office 365 applications to the cloud
    enabling the surge in remote working with high-performance, cost-effective cloud infrastructure
  • Introduced resilient network optimisation
    bringing in continuous application performance measurement and automatic re-routing of congested traffic

The transformation

Ok Tedi Mining is now able to unlock new opportunities at remote mining sites with a strengthened, resilient network.

The key benefits achieved were:

  • A seamless transition to remote working
    maintaining productivity across the organisation
  • Drastically expanded network throughput
    over an existing satellite connection
  • Improved systems performance
    intelligently-optimised connectivity between the remote site and an international workforce

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