Case Study

Making the most of Meraki for
Frizelle Sunshine Automotive

Introducing SD-WAN and enhancing wireless performance for
Australia’s largest privately-owned dealership group

The challenge

Frizelle Sunshine Automotive had existing wireless performance challenges and also, with an aggressive corporate acquisition strategy, needed a wireless solution to facilitate the secure and expedient onboarding process for the new companies.

Since founding in 1985, the Frizelle Sunshine Automotive group has grown rapidly — and even more so after a 2017 merger with the Peter Warren Automotive Group, which formed Australia’s largest automotive dealership group.

The organic growth in their wireless solution had resulted in sub-optimal wireless performance and drop-outs affecting availability and therefore business productivity.

Continued acquisitions were also on the agenda, spreading the group further across Australia.

To maximise the potential for economies of scale, and make newly-acquired businesses rapidly feel part of the team, delivering expedient access to the Frizelle Sunshine network was essential.

Yell IT were brought in to understand the challenges, make recommendations and ultimately perform remediation.

The solution approach

We first assessed the wireless issues which had been troubling the network and quickly resolved connectivity problems to alleviate the strain on the IT team.

Next, we identified the Cisco Meraki SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) solution as the most suitable platform for Frizelle Sunshine Automotive. Cisco Meraki stood out for its management simplicity, troubleshooting, visibility and convenience.

The solution needed to be secure, deployed rapidly and reliable for end users. To implement this, Yell IT:

  • Deployed SD-WAN infrastructure
    Created an enterprise-class hub and spoke / site-to-site VPN mesh, managing dozens of sites within a single, easy to use dashboard interface.
  • Re-configured existing devices
    Redeployed existing Meraki Access Points into the new SD-WAN to better secure, standardise and manage corporate and guest wireless networks — company-wide.
  • Unlocked advanced Meraki capabilities
    We introduced location analytics, providing the foundation for real-time visitor information collection. This unlocked the potential to measure, evaluate and improve showroom designs.

Our experience with Yell IT has been phenomenal.

They have clearly articulated what we can do with the technology, but also they’ve been able to come back through and really enhance what we had existing within the network.

Brett Tancred

Group IT Manager, Frizelle Sunshine Automotive

The transformation

Frizelle Sunshine Automotive can now effortlessly scale nationwide with their new network solution — all managed through an intuitive dashboard.

The drastic reduction in network-related issues enabled the IT team to focus their efforts on new projects for the business. In addition, Yell IT also delivered additional benefits:

  • Ability to rapidly integrate new acquisitions

    The new SD-WAN now enables Frizelle Sunshine Automotive to seamlessly integrate newly-acquired dealerships or offices, providing access to the same corporate environments and standards — even without traditional physical connectivity.

  • Access to unprecedented visibility
    The increased resiliency and network visibility provided within the Meraki dashboard decreases service desk SLAs to end-users and customers, while location analytics capabilities allow for even deeper understanding of customer behaviour.
  • Increased network capability and performance
    Managing all locations using one simple interface reduces the need for site visits, increasing IT team agility. Newly-enabled features deliver a smooth network experience for users — reducing headaches and wasted time.

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