Case Study

Transforming the network for
Brisbane Airport Corporation

Upgrading the network and data centre architecture for Queensland’s biggest airport

The challenge

When Queensland’s biggest airport needed to refresh their Core Network, it was never considered to be a simple undertaking.

Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) successfully appointed Yell IT to complete the project.

From access control systems through to flight information boards, security cameras, ATMs and shop connectivity, every service in the airport terminal relies on the core network to operate.

As Dirk Hus, ICT Delivery Manager says, “everything comes to a grinding halt” without the core IT infrastructure.

Flights operate at Brisbane Airport 23 hours a day, leaving only a tiny change window in the early hours of the morning for upgrades to happen — with no room for error.

To add to this, a new runway was nearing completion, which would bring more passengers, staff and demands on the airport network. An upgrade was needed to carry them in to the future.

The solution

Yell IT, in close collaboration with BAC and Cisco, developed a robust, high performance solution.

The solution was designed to deliver a low risk, expedient transformation, whilst maintaining full business continuity.

Working together with Cisco, using the latest technology, Yell IT:

  • Upgraded the core and distribution network
    a network infrastructure designed for the business
  • Overhauled the data centre architecture
    a fully optimised design to provide maximum availability, reliability, and performance
  • Mitigated risk
    A project plan focussed around business operations and risk mitigation which included detailed implementation, test, migration and regression plans.

The transformation

Brisbane Airport Corporation is now in a position to develop their future IT services with a highly reliable underpinning infrastructure.

The benefits of the upgrade to BAC:

  • Increased network speeds by 300%
    a capacity upgrade from 10Gbps to 40Gbps prepared Brisbane Airport Corporation for increasing bandwidth demands
  • Better network performance
    an improved data centre architecture enables major benefits for reliability, speed, and security
  • Capacity for future growth
    with new services set to come online in the coming months and years, our solution provides scalability, enabling a solid platform for future growth

What stands out the most is when I announced the success of this project in our staff talks, that actually no-one knew that we were doing this, no-one felt anything, no-one heard anything, it was more like a ninja approach. I still remember that to be one of the proudest moments.

Dirk Hus

ICT Delivery Manager, Brisbane Airport Corporation

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