Security Lifecycle Review

Understand the threats entering and leaving your network

What is a security lifecycle review?

A security lifecycle review is a free network security health check which uncovers the threats and risks present on your network, giving you unprecedented visibility.

Using a Palo Alto Networks network tap, we passively monitor your network traffic for a week, capturing typical internet traffic and activity.

We then process this data to generate a clear, well-organised report — which also includes comparison data with your industry peers.

The review will detail the specific ways adversaries are trying to break in — and the report will recommend actions you can take to reduce your risk exposure.

What a security lifecycle review will uncover

  • Applications in use
    whether it’s email, instant messaging, cloud storage or unauthorised SaaS applications; understand the applications that use your network
  • High-risk applications
    Get insight into applications that introduce risk to your environment, from remote access or encrypted tunnels through to file sharing and social networking sites
  • Known and unknown malware
    detect connections to command-and-control servers and other malware activity on your network
  • Internet activity
    details on where URL traffic is going, with a category-level drill-down

The security lifecycle review process

The review is spread across two weeks. Initially, a network tap is installed, to log traffic on the network. This collects data over a period of around a week, and then we collect the device and generate a report based on the raw log data.

  • Configure Scanner

    Yell IT will send a Palo Alto Networks monitoring device to you, pre-configured as a network tap. Your team will need to connect it to a switch or firewall with high traffic utilisation.

  • Monitor Traffic

    The network tap will listen to traffic for 7-10 days, gathering information for the report.

  • Report

    We will collect the information (and the monitoring device), analyse the traffic logs and generate your report.

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