Cyber Security Assessment Services

We help you find your security risks — before your adversaries do

How safe is your business from cyber risk?

How well protected are your systems from attack?

Our information security team help you know where you stand, so you can confidently manage risk.

We help businesses answer questions like:

  • How easily can I be hacked?
  • Have hackers already breached my systems?
  • Are my staff security-aware?
  • How much information is leaking from my network?
  • Is my confidential data safe?
  • Which staff are accessing important data?
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Security assessment services


Penetration Testing

Can a hacker access critical data on your systems?

We approach problems in the same way an attacker would. Our team make multiple attempts to break into key agreed systems to uncover flaws and previously unknown vulnerabilities.

This helps strengthen specific defences, validate security and keep intruders at bay.

Penetration Testing Services

Security Lifecycle Review

Which applications, threats and vulnerabilities are present on your network?

An SLR observes your network and internet traffic patterns to identify potentially malicious activity hidden amongst you normal user behaviour and sanctioned application traffic.

We offer a free, no-obligation review to show you the threats present on your network.

You’ll get a full report which helps you plan your defences effectively.

About the SLR

Exposure Assessment

If a hacker started researching your company, what would they find?

Utilising the same reconninance techniques that a malicious hacker would use, we identify potential entry points to your networks and potentially compromising information that is publicly accessible

We’ll give you a report on what they’d find, from domains and subdomains through to email addresses, login forms, employee lists, password dumps and potentially malicious insiders.

Vulnerability Assessment

Which attack vectors are available to hackers targeting your systems?

We run advanced scans to find weaknesses within your network, systems, websites, applications, databases and other publicly-accessible infrastructure.

Security Awareness

How awake are your staff to security threats? Which areas need improvement?

A security awareness assessment gives you a benchmark of employee alertness and provides valuable information which can be used to design an effective security training program.

Incident Response Readiness

What is your blueprint for disaster? Does it work in practice?

We run exercises to study how your team respond to security incidents.

We evaluate your processes — from detection speed and communication through to remedial action — so we can help improve your procedures and training.

Data Breach Readiness

Are your staff prepared for data loss, unauthorised access or disclosure?

With the recently-introduced Notifiable Data Breach scheme, there are new requirements for organisations with >$3m revenue.

We can help you put in place a plan, so your team are able to effectively investigate, contain, assess, remediate, notify and review data breaches.

Threat & Risk Assessment

Where would it really hurt if you got stung? What are the most likely threats?

We follow ISO 31000 risk management guidelines, evaluating potential hazards and bad actors, classifying them to give you a realistic view of the threat landscape as well as opportunities for mitigating and managing risk.

You’ll be better informed, which allows you to prepare more effective defences.

Architecture Assessment

How well does your infrastructure protect your critical assets?

A standards-based information security architecture assessment helps find and fix structural issues before they’re uncovered in a breach.

We carry out exhaustive research, mapping your network, understanding your systems, traffic flow, policies, safeguards and key controls, to give you unprecedented insight into your security.

Cyber Security Readiness

Is your business prepared for attack?

Get comprehensive insight into your level of preparedness in the face of cyber threats.

We help you understand how secure your key assets are, how aware your people are, how effectively you can spot cyber attacks and how well your team respond.

Phishing Exercises

How susceptible are your employees to scam emails?

All it can take is a single click for the damage to be inflicted. With thousands of successful phishing attacks reported in 2018, the risks for business are real.

A phishing exercise uncovers areas for improvement whilst putting your employees on-guard, increasing alertness and suspicion towards email threats.

Compliance Gap Analysis

Are you meeting your legal obligations?

We help you benchmark your performance against regulatory and industry standards (including the ISO27000, IS-18, PCI, ASIC and NIST standards).

By examining your processes, governance and systems, you’ll get a clear understanding of the path to improvement.

How we assess security

We focus on three areas, so you can get a complete picture of where you stand.

Your people

The most common problems and often the most effective solutions can be found at the human level.

Your processes

Utilise standards-based governance and process analysis services to find ways to improve security and resilience.

Your technology

Identify vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure and cloud services to plan an effective path to reduce risk.

With our assessments, you’ll get

…a comprehensive report including:

  • Executive Summary
    overview for business leaders
  • Detailed Findings
    specific information for each item
  • Recommendations
    what needs action to mitigate risk?
  • Indicative Program of Work
    a plan of action and estimated costs

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