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Block internet threats before they connect to your network

Block dangerous traffic intelligently

Cisco Umbrella is a simple, powerful security platform that gives you visibility and control over web traffic.

From blocking known command-and-control servers through to filtering web content, it delivers a powerful safeguard against malware, phishing and other unwanted activity.

Isometric illustration of device traffic going through Umbrella DNS servers, representing Cisco Umbrella's secure internet gateway

“Protection against threats over all ports and protocols”

Delivered from the cloud, Cisco Umbrella replaces your DNS servers and provides preventative protection before connections are made.Suspect web connections are routed for deeper file and traffic analysis.

Attack & Breach Protection

Harness the power of Cisco’s global real-time threat database to automatically block ransomware, cryptomining, malware and command-and-control traffic. Log or block outgoing connections to malicious infrastructure, to keep your data secure.

Web & SaaS Filtering

Control what network users can access with a powerful category-based filtering system. Administrators can set granular control or user-specific policy exceptions, for example unblocking social media access for marketing staff.


Complete visibility over internet traffic

Get detailed information into internet activity, across all business locations and devices. Device management is controlled with the ultra-low-footprint roaming client.

User-specific insights

With an Active Directory integration, administrators can see user-specific Umbrella log data, so high-risk users can be easily investigated.

SaaS App Monitoring

Discovery and control over Software-as-a-Service app usage improves organisational security. Get full awareness of the apps in use within your environment, and have the power to control access at a moments notice.

Isometric illustration of data collection servers, representing Cisco Umbrella traffic visibility

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