Cisco Meraki Expertise

Cloud-managed IT for Australian businesses

What is Cisco Meraki?

As Cisco’s cloud-managed IT division, Meraki offer a range of solutions controlled through a single pane of glass.

Solutions from Meraki allow you to run effective:

  • Software-Defined Wide Area Networks
    get your remote workers, branches and campuses connected
  • High-speed, high density Wi-Fi networks
    from the smallest branch to the largest campus
  • Company-owned and user-owned mobile devices
    easy policy implementation and BYOD management
  • Security cameras and monitoring systems
    harness the latest in machine vision and analytics
  • Location analytics and proximity engagement
    get the most out of guest Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Beacons

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Easy management, zero-touch configuration, next-level capability.

We choose Meraki because it just works.

There’s so much to love.

Image showing various Meraki devices - a Meraki dashboard on desktop and mobile, a wireless access point, a network switch and a security camera

Control your network through a single pane of glass

Centralised management of all your sites and assets is easy with the secure, web-based Meraki interface.

The interface enables users to manage your network, devices and policies from anywhere, instantly pushing settings to devices.

Whether you’re running a one-click wireless health check, adding a new branch or checking in on your security cameras, it’s simple with the powerful cloud dashboard.

Management and monitoring is also available through a mobile app and it’s even possible to configure network alerts. Administrators can even add new features automatically with over the air updates.

Mobile device and BYOD management

Managing your mobile device fleet is a breeze.

From network access management through to locking down owned-device permissions, from blocking In-App purchases or even camera usage. You can apply policies by device type and monitor BYOD activity all in one place.

Put your assets on the map

Know exactly where cameras, wireless access points and wireless devices are by assigning them a position on the map.

Overlay floor plans to a real-world map so your staff can rapidly access the live feed to your entrance security cameras — or see location analytics at your main campus.

It’s even possible to track connected device locations at locations with multiple wireless access points.

Security as standard

Security is at the heart of the Meraki offering.

For switches and access points, there are a range of security capabilities built in, from auto VPN through to a next-generation firewall, intrusion prevention mechanism, content filtering controls and anti-malware protection.

Meraki has the capability to block network access for devices without antivirus software or segment the network to protect and isolate critical devices.

For Meraki administration, there  – role-based administration / custom access privileges for users, enforced password changes, limit login attempts, IP address whitelisting.

Zero-touch configuration

Rapidly provision network devices via the cloud, so any new devices are simply plug-and-play.

Cameras with machine vision

Meraki security cameras sense movement automatically, which open up the potential to trigger other actions, for example alerting managers when shop queues are longer than 5 people or when gallery visitors get too close to high value artwork.

Meraki expertise in Australia

If you need qualified, experienced Cisco Meraki expertise, we’d love to talk.

We’ve worked on a range of projects involving Meraki technology, from university campus wireless networks through to multi-branch corporate networks.

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