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Information & cyber security operations for business

Assurance, delivered.

We are an Australian managed security service provider.

By integrating core security functions within our security operations centre, we supply efficient, end-to-end oversight for security and compliance environments.



Ever-vigilant and
on alert



Engineering and administration


Peace of Mind

Ongoing assessment & management


Strategic Insight


Assurance in Operations

Your cyber operations team. 
On-call, on-guard.

With security at the very core of our business, we defend businesses against the growing threats of cybercrime, malicious attack, digital disruption and data exfiltration.

Operationally, we provide services for managed:

  • security monitoring
  • security administration
    for web, email, networks, cloud environments, devices and endpoints
  • threat intelligence
  • incident response
  • risk & compliance

Managed Security Monitoring

Total information awareness, across your organisation

All devices, all the time. Get a birds-eye view of your security environment, with a powerful custom dashboard.

Effortlessly monitor traffic, data movement, security events and custom incidents, all in one place. We ingest raw data from your security infrastructure, processing and visualising in real-time.

Immediate alerting is built-in, harnessing machine learning to identify threats, prioritise, and minimise false positives. This gives you a critical first-mover advantage.

Managed Security Administration

Complete management of security infrastructure

Outsource the ongoing management of your security environment to our expert team.

Certified across the top technology providers, our engineers are readily available to oversee your digital security controls.

We offer managed:

  • Web security
  • Network security
    firewall, secure DNS, VPN & remote access
  • Email security
    malicious content protection, encryption, and email gateway administration
  • Endpoint Security
    malware, data movement & suspicious activity
  • Cloud Security
    SaaS, PaaS, & IaaS security management

Managed Risk & Compliance

Robust administration for your compliance program

Take charge of your compliance program by outsourcing management to our risk specialists.

To eliminate administrative complexity, we:

  • catalogue compliance and audit requirements
  • monitor risk status with a traffic light indicator panel
  • manage a calendar with key dates and alerts
  • maintain a database of involved persons
  • visualise processes with flow charts
  • audit regularly to maintain assurance
  • report effectively, increasing transparency

Choose Yell IT for active oversight, timely communications, and effective governance. Simplify your compliance burden today.

Managed Threat Intelligence

Advanced threat monitoring and interception

“Every battle is won before it is fought”
— Sun Tzu

Dedicated intelligence specialists closely follow potential adversaries, and reinforce your defences as they evolve.

Using risk-based analysis, we identify and profile likely threats, whether it be corporate espionage, rogue insiders, cybercriminals, or state actors.

Intelligence comes from a variety of sources including private threat intelligence feeds, deep web monitoring tools, security bulletins, and open-source intelligence.

This ability to rapidly deploy countermeasures against emerging attack vectors puts your organisation in a position of strength, providing unprecedented assurance.

Assurance, Delivered.

Why choose Yell IT for security operations?

Leave it with us.

Outcome focussed

Your security is of paramount importance to us, remaining front-and-centre as we safeguard and assure your business.

End-to-end security expertise

This is demonstrated by our extensive team, heavily experienced across the security landscape — as well as by our numerous qualifications held across the major security vendors.

Easy to work with

We provide consistency in our processes, clear communications, transparent accountability and precise outcomes.

Guaranteed incident response times

We bake response times into our Service Level Agreements — providing certainty that we will leap into action when incidents arise.

Tailored to your needs

We deliver customised solutions, perfectly fitted for your organisation. We do this by spending time understanding your business — so that we can provide the best possible solution.

Completely confidential

We have strict identity, access and security controls in place to protect your information, certified to the “protected” level of classification. We legally bind our promise with non-disclosure agreements — putting money where our mouth is.

Powered by our advanced security operations centre

Our multi-million dollar facility acts as your command centre for information security operations.

Built on a powerful Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platform, we closely monitor, respond and manage security environments.

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