Intelligence Centre

Queensland’s most advanced enterprise IT operations centre

A secure Brisbane facility providing 24/7 IT operations for enterprise

Yell IT have build Queensland’s first — and most advanced Intelligence Centre.

Our groundbreaking facility delivers round-the-clock IT operations services for medium-large organisations, bringing together threat intelligence, cybersecurity and network operations capabilities into a single, efficient unit.

The facility is designed to the “protected” level of classification and is staffed by a team of experienced network, systems administration, cybersecurity, and threat intelligence analysts.


Unified IT operations for high-performance organisations

The centre combines cybersecurity and threat intelligence capability with traditional managed IT services.

A heirarchical diagram illustrating the combined capabilities of the Intelligence Centre:  Threat Intelligence, Security Analysis, Security Engineering, Network Analysis, Systems Engineering and Service Desk Operations

Complete MSP & MSSP capability

We deliver a comprehensive mission control centre for IT environments by blending a Network Operations Centre (NOC) and a Cyber Security Operations Centre (CSOC), with advanced threat intelligence competence.

This provides unprecedented assurance and protection for Yell IT customers.

THE Yell IT Difference

Outsmart your adversaries

Threat intelligence plays a pivotal role in our managed services and represents our unique difference.

We carry out the following services to keep you protected against the evolving tactics used by bad actors:

Risk-based THREAT Profiling

Examining your organisation, industry, and IT environment, we delineate the potential threat actors who may target your organisation.

These can range from state and non-state actors, to insider threats and hacktivist groups.

We study their tradecraft, tools, methods of attack, and past exploits, as well as monitoring the forums and groups they participate in.

Threat Landscape Monitoring

We constantly observe an array of sources to get a clear picture of emerging attacks and vulnerabilities that could affect your business.

Our information sources include:

  • private threat intelligence feeds
  • security news sources
  • vulnerability feeds & IP blacklists
  • hacker forums & chat groups
  • darknet monitoring services
  • OSINT gathering

Integrating threat intelligence to our core managed services enables us to tailor your defences to the threats you face, correlate threat activity with your internal data, identify latent malicious activity and vulnerabilities, and rapidly deploy countermeasures to stop attackers in their tracks.

Supercharge your IT Operations

Real-world business outcomes

Say goodbye to regular outages and performance issues — whilst rapidly responding to events and minimising cyber risk.

Achieve the following benefits by outsourcing your security and infrastructure management to our centre:

Complete visibility

Powerful, custom information and event monitoring dashboards for real-time alerting.


Harden security

Highly-trained cyber intelligence specialists are on hand to defend, monitor and respond.

Optimise performance

Minimise disruption and maximise uptime. Experienced engineers fine-tune system performance. 

Reduce costs

Yell IT pass on the savings from extensive investment in talent, training, tools, and automation.


Quick response

24/7 monitoring and swift incident response minimise the time to resolve issues.

Free up time

Offload the high-priority workload to Yell IT, so you can focus on business as usual.

Extend team capability

Get unprecedented access to expert support, analysis and engineering, in-person or remotely.


Achieve compliance

Delegate the compliance burden to our capable team. Our focus on process delivers consistent results.

Business-aligned operations

Close communication and regular service reviews ensure we stay aligned with your business goals.

Complete Visibility

Enterprise surveillance — under a single pane of glass

Processing more than 17,000 events each second, the Yell IT analytics & intelligence platform forms the core of our managed services.

Our SIEM (Security Information & Event Monitoring) platform securely ingests raw log data from your devices, delivering real-time monitoring, analytics and alerts.

A command and control interface enables rapid triage, incident response and task allocation — reducing response times, where every second counts.

This provides a birds-eye view of your environment, and facilitates swift incident response, delivering real-world visibility and resolution outcomes.

Robust security to protect customer data

Protecting your business information is of paramount importance. Designed to the PSPF-2 “Protected” level of classification, our facility is built from the ground-up for secure IT operations.

We have a raft of controls in place to protect the confidentiality of customer information, including:

  • physical separation from our main offices. The centre has round-the-clock access control and video surveillance in place
  • high availability, our systems are redundant across multiple data centre regions, leaving no single point of failure
  • military-grade encryption secures our infrastructure. Data is carefully segregated by customer, maximising protection.
  • careful paper trails are logged and stored. We record all physical access to the facility, digital access to information, and actions taken on customer infrastructure. This chain of custody monitoring enables accountability, security, and assurance.

Your team, Extended

Proactive support, rapid response

We act as a true extension of your team. Our managed services team work closely with the broader Yell IT team, giving you access to an array of capabilities across security, networking, cloud, compliance, and threat intelligence.

Enthusiastic, friendly communication

We get to know your people, build a deep knowledge of your systems and processes, and work hard to provide effective problem-oriented solutions.

Expect every interaction with Yell IT to be refreshing — from phone calls with our front-line service desk and support specialists, to monthly meetings with your service delivery manager.

We collect feedback and work hard to continually improve our service delivery.

Automation where possible

Threats evolve, technologies evolve — and so should your MSSP.

We work intelligently, utilising automation where possible, remaining alert to new ways to improve processes and securely implement automation for your organisation.

Automation enables rapid response, and we harness machine learning to identify threats in real-time, as part of our Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) capability.

Consistent, process-driven & transparent

Strict logging of important information against each ticket provides a foundation for detailed reporting.

We follow strict processes and procedures, creating clear documentation as we go.

This improves knowledge transfer between staff, and maintains efficient use of time, and provides tangible value for your organisation.

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