Cloud Readiness Assessments

Start your journey to the cloud on the right foot

What is a cloud readiness assessment?

A Cloud Readiness Assessment is a report which gives you a clear understanding of the cloud opportunities available to your business — as well as the requirements for a transition.

The report examines your business systems, processes and requirements and helps you weigh up the risks, benefits, costs, scalability and financial opportunity of a move to the cloud.

In a cloud readiness assessment from us, you will get:

  • Cloud Readiness Assessment Report
  • Cost Estimates Document
  • High Level Cloud Migration Strategy
Image of the cover, contents page and sample page from a cloud readiness assessment report document

How do I benefit from a cloud readiness assessment?

You will get a clear understanding of what the cloud means for your business, so you can make an informed decision about the most appropriate strategy.

  • Validate your cloud ambitions
  • Find out if you are ready for the cloud
  • Cut through the hype with practical insight
  • Spot potential challenges early
  • Maximise your options in the cloud 

What’s the process?

The readiness assessment is usually spread over 3 to 4 weeks and involves a workshop to understand your needs, an in-depth technology audit, report compilation and a presentation and interactive discussion with your team.

  • Project Kick-Off Meeting & Workshop

    This is the most important step. We will sit with your IT leadership team, either individually or as a group, to collect initial information. This involves:

    • Understanding your vision
    • Collecting initial information
    • Validating your target ICT state
    • Discovering your key requirements
      (business risk, regulatory or compliance)
    • Discussing project scheduling and controls

  • Audit Current Technology State

    We need to fully understand your technology, so we can effectively develop a future target state and estimate your costings.

    We use a blend of manual derivation and technology analytics tools to build a baseline of your current state.

    We will deploy a third-party tool to gather and aggregate your infrastructure performance data, as well as undertaking technical interviews with your team as required to get a broader understanding of your environment.

  • Compile Report

    We will carefully review all the information gathered to build an accurate picture of infrastructure consumption — and how this would translate into the cloud.

    Our team will factor in the key requirements you have highlighted and produce a detailed report on the costs (at a high level), benefits, opportunities and potential stumbling blocks, so you can accurately plan projects for cloud implementation.

  • Deliver Report

    We will personally deliver and present the report to your key stakeholders for consideration. The report includes all the information gathered during our workshops, interviews and technology audit, correlated to your key requirements.

    The report is delivered as an interactive Q&A, rather than a lecture. You will have the opportunity to ask key questions and discuss potential options.

    From here, you will be properly equipped to harness the benefits of the cloud.

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What is included in my assessment report?

What is included:

  • Stakeholder workshops
  • Detailed understanding of your on-premises infrastructure
  • High-level understanding of key applications, as well as services you offer and support
  • Review of cloud platform services (IaaS and SaaS) against your business and technical requirements
  • Analysis of your common workloads
    to make cost projection as accurate as possible
  • High level network bandwidth analysis
  • High level cost analysis for each workload type
  • Analysis of available platform discounts
    and how they could affect your costs
  • High level cloud migration strategy
  • Delivery of documentation
  • In-person report to your key stakeholders

What is not included:

  • Detailed design and/or implementation plan for cloud integration
  • Detailed costing analysis (this can be done separately)
  • Configuration or implementation of cloud services within your infrastructure for technical validation
  • Upgrade, troubleshooting or remediation of pre-existing environmental issues
  • Raising or management of change controls

How much does a readiness assessment cost?

Because the report is highly specific to your business, an assessment can cost anything from $8,000.

The price of a cloud readiness assessment varies from business to business. The more systems you are considering migrating, and the more complex these systems are, the more an assessment is likely to cost.

Why the price?

The assessment takes days of work and is tailored to your business. A careful study of your requirements and technology tells you exactly how prepared you are — and how much you stand to gain.

Many businesses make the mistake of moving key systems to the cloud without considering the financial implications — often finding themselves spending more money, as they did not realise their systems were not built for cloud environments.

An investment in a rigorous technology review and landscape analysis now helps you understand the opportunities and savings you can make later on — which, for large enterprises, can turn into hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.

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Which cloud platform should I choose?

Is a public cloud platform like Microsoft Azure, AWS or Google Cloud right for you, or is private cloud or hybrid cloud the way to go?

This decision is a critical one with nuanced answers. Once you’ve picked a platform, it can be hard to move to an alternative — a decision that could come with a serious cost, so getting the right choice is key.

When we analyse your typical workloads, we will be able to calculate your costs on different platforms, as well as factoring in the benefits offered by each platform.

If you have specific cloud computing platforms you would like us to examine your readiness for, let us know.

We recently had a customer who wanted to move to Amazon Web Services only for us to find that there were significant cost savings available when using the Azure ecosystem instead.

We leave no stone unturned, applying offers and discounts to the various platforms to find the most cost-effective cloud infrastructure for your business.


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