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Telstra Gold Partner for Cloud Services & Microsoft Silver Partner
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Preparing for the cloud

Moving to the cloud or switching providers is no small feat.

Is the cloud right for your organisation? Are you ready to move? How do you minimise the business impact of migration? These are all areas where we can help.

We pair deep technical knowledge with extensive cloud migration experience, helping you to migrate to the cloud with confidence.

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Data Availability Assessments

How much data could your organisation lose in a crisis? How quickly can you recover? What systems do you have in place at the moment — and how can you mitigate risk?

We help improve resiliency by auditing backup, restoration, replication & failover environments, helping identify potential blind spots and risks.


Setting up in the cloud

We rapidly integrate business systems with the cloud.

From Office 365 Migrations to Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions, we have extensive cloud solutions expertise. 

Office 365 Migration
When essential data is involved, there is little room for error.

We have successfully transitioned a number of Australian businesses from legacy platforms to Microsoft Office 365.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate - Office 365

Public Cloud Solutions

Public cloud services (like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform) provide access to on-demand compute and storage resources through a data centre that can be located almost anywhere.

We can help you set up, optimise or move between cloud platforms.

We are a Telstra Cloud Partner

We provide Telstra customers with the flexibility of working with us whilst leveraging the capacity of the Telstra global cloud marketplace.

Using Telstra’s management console, you get a birds-eye view of your workloads, cloud services and users, no matter which service they are using. You also get one port of call for 24/7 support for all your cloud and Telstra networks.

Private Cloud Solutions

We are partnered with multiple tiered Data Centre locations throughout Australia. which allows our customers to contract through Yell IT for data centre facility access as well as ongoing management of private cloud infrastructure.

Hybrid Cloud Solutions
If you have two or more cloud services which need to work together, we can help.

Bridge your private infrastructure and critical legacy applications with the thriving world of cloud-native services that take full advantage of public cloud scalability.

Extend your capacity and capability with a hybrid cloud solution from Yell IT.

Managed Hosting
You can lease dedicated servers and hardware from us.

Your equipment would be located at a preferred secure hosting provider. You can manage your systems, or we can do it for you.

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Already in the cloud

We are here to help you maximise your return from cloud infrastructure, whilst minimising risk.

Cloud Sprawl Assessment

Most organisations have very little understanding of the extent of cloud-based applications in use in their business and the people who have access and control.

This ‘blind-spot’ opens up major policy issues and can be difficult to govern using traditional methods.

A Cloud Sprawl Assessment will provide you with full visibility of the cloud services being consumed, assessing the risk of each application in use.

Yell IT will then work with you to identify, assess and categorise the applications from a risk perspective and deploy any necessary security controls.

You will have visibility as to what data is leaving your network and which potentially risky applications are being used.

If appropriate, we’ll also make recommendations for ‘right-sourcing’ or cloud consolidation — if it is something you can benefit from.

Cloud Backup

Get fast, simple, and cost-effective Cloud Backup services with a scalable solution available in multiple regions.

Our backup-as-a-service requires zero capital investment and is easy to use, application-aware and automated.

This allows you to back up your workload, whether your servers are on-premises, in a managed hosting environment, or in the cloud.

Cloud Disaster Recovery
Disaster recovery (DR) on premises can be expensive and difficult to manage and maintain. With disaster recovery in the cloud, you can still protect your business systems without the need to maintain expensive standby equipment.

Yell IT will work with you to create a bespoke DR solution that will prioritise the recovery of your critical business applications; allowing your business to continue operating if your primary infrastructure is unavailable.

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We're a Telstra Gold Partner for Cloud services. We also work with Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, NetApp, Veeam and VMware.

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